Welcome! And thanks for your interest in Careers at Sunmach. We hire the best in the business. We take care of the employees, so they can give us their best work and ideas. And we give them opportunities to develop their skills and leadership, so they can better help to the company grow.

Sunmach employment philosophy and practices are based on the recognition that its people are integral part of the organizationĀ“s success. We seek the best talent and are committed to their development as we strongly believe that people are our most valuable asset. The core principles in Human Resources policy that are now applied across the Sunmach Group worldwide are: equality of opportunity, proceeding with self-improvement, fairness, mutual trust and teamwork.

The Sunmach Group believes that being the most ideal employer and holds the best employees. An equivalent opportunity, merit-oriented, gender-neutral employer, compensation and career progression is based entirely on responsibility and performance at Sunmach. The Company has utilized its development projects to diversify its workforce through positive segregation in favor of local, minimized groups and women.

Clear, honest, two-way communication between management and employees at all levels is characteristic of the culture of the Sunmach Group. Any issues, identifying with the progress, plans and prospects of the business are discussed openly and with a sense of shared purpose among senior management and employee representatives.

Working for Sunmach in a creative and innovation driven environment is never dull. Initiative, innovation, teamwork and leadership are some of the key qualities we search for. If you want to realize your potential and fulfill your desire while making a difference for customers Sunmach is the place for you to work.