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At Sunmach, we are proud manufacturers of Hot Forged Exotic Metals Fasteners, Hot Forged High Alloy Fasteners and Hot Forged Stainless Steel Fasteners in Standard Sizes & Special Custom Made Sizes and Shapes . We are one of the most respected hot forgers and producers of high-integrity fasteners in the Asia.

The Exotic Metal Fasteners we provide are durable and high quality. Making the use of all the advanced technologies for Exotic Metal Fasteners, our highly experienced skilled team of professional combine hot induction forging machinery with CNC precision, automatic and manual machines and deploy the best precisely matching the client’s expectations.

Industries We Serve

  • Defence Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Oil Rigs
  • Aviation Industries
  • Textiles Industries
  • Automobiles Industries
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Forging Industries
  • Steel Industries
  • Furnace Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Construction Industries

Dimensional Standards

Hex Head Cap screws931, 933 4014, 4017 5737, 5739B18.2.3.1MA307B, A325, A490
Heavy Hex Bolts6914 7411 5712B18.2.1 A193, A320, A307B, A325, A490
Hex Flanged Bolts74361----
Swing Bolts- - -- -
Fitted Bolts- - -- -
Anchor Bolts529 - --F1554, A449, A354, A193, A320, F593
Square Head Bolts478 - -B18.2.1 A307A, F1554, A449, A354, A593
T Bolts186, 188, 261, 7992-- B18.5A193
Bent Bolts
J Bolts- ----
L Bolts529 --- F1554, A449, A354, A193, A320, F593
Eye Bolts444, 580, 582-6058, 2947, 2948B18.15A489
U Bolts3570 --- -
Socket Cap Screws 9124762 5931B18.3, B18.3.1M A574
Socket Set Screws 913 to 9164026 to 4029 5929B 18.3, B 18.3.6M F912M
Socket Shoulder Screws- ----
Socket Counter Sunk Screws- ----
Pan Head Screws- ----
Low Head Cap Screws- ----
Button Head Cap Screws- ----
Machine Screws- ----
Hex Nuts93440325588B18.2.2A563, A194, F594
Heavy Hex Nuts691547755713B18.2.2A563, A194, F594
Dome Nuts 9124762 5931B18.3, B18.3.1M A574
Jam Nuts93640355589B18.2.2A563, A194, F594
Flanged Nuts69234161-B18.2.4.4MA563
Lock Nuts9807042-B18.16.3MA563, A194
NyLock Nuts98570407474B18.16.3MA193, A194
Square Nuts557-5597B18.2.2A563, A194, F594
Round Nuts -----
Connector Nut/Coupling Nuts6334--B18.2.2A563, A194, F594
Slotted & Castle Nuts -- -- -
Flat Washers125A7089 / 70906592B18.22.1F884
Lock Washers127A, 127B-1751B18.21.1-
Square Washers436-6596B18.23.1A36, F436, A572
Tab Washers-----
Stud Bolts-----
Engineering Studs-----
Tie Bars-----
Wheel Studs-----
Waisted Studs-----
Threaded Rods
Threaded Rods-----


MaterialMaterial Speciality
Nickel FastenersHard and ductile metal with high strength and high corrosion resitance. Grades Nickel 200, Nickel 201
Hastelloy FastenersNickel chromimum molybdenum superalloy with primary resistance to chemical attacks, crevice and pitting. Alloy C-276, Alloy C-22, Alloy B2, Alloy B3, Hastelloy X
Monel FastenersNickel copper alloy with high tensile strength and resistance to sea water corrosion. Monel 400, Monel R-405, Monel K 500
Incoloy FastenersNickel based high performance alloy with exceptional resistance to many aggressive corrosion environments. Incoloy 800 , Incoloy 800H / 800HT, Incoloy 825, Incoloy 925, Incoloy DS
Inconel FastenersA nickel based super alloy with addition of chromoum and iron, resitance to corrosion at high temperatures. Inconel 600, Inconel 601, Inconel 625, Inconel 718
Titanium FastenersMetal with low density and high strength offering high stength to weight ratio with wide range of applications.
Tantalum FastenersA rate transition metal that is hard, highly corrosive and almost immue to chemical attacks.
Duplex Stainless Steel Fastenersdual phase alloy including austentic ferristic microstructure with high stength corrosion resitance. Alloy 2205 / 31803
Super Duplex Stainless Steel Fastenerssimilar to Duplex but with higher chromium and molybdenum content that adds increased corrosion resitance. Ferralium 255, F55 Duplex / 25Cr Duplex, SAF 2507
Stainless Steel FastenersRange of low cost corrosion resistant nickel chromium alloy with low carbon content.
Special Stainless Steel Bolts 304H , 310, 316H, 321H, 347H, 904L, 440C, 254 SMO, Alloy 20, Nitronic 50, Nitronic 60